The overall objective of the THING Project was ‘to exchange knowledge, specify, develop and test new and improved services for sustainable managements and business development at the Northern European Thing sites.’

This objective was to be achieved by the implementation of key activities, delivered and organised through four work packages (WP).

  • WP1 – Management and Coordination
  • WP2 – Communication and Dissemination
  • WP3 – Analysis of good practise and specification of new service models
  • WP4 – Pilot test Web 2.0 interregional co-production and co-profiling of services.

While the development and testing Web 2.0 services fell specifically under the remit of WP4, in reality they were closely interlinked with the activities of all project WPs.  WP4 facilitated the smooth operation of WPs 1&2 and allowed for the dissemination of information collated through activities in WP3.

The THING Project did not aim to develop any new technologies as such but rather explored those products and services which currently exist, such as YouTube, MySpace, Flickr, wikies, blogs, forums and related social networking services. WP 4 specified the relevant mix of services, set up an  inter-regional internet Web 2.0, tested the interface to services, provided content from the results developed in WP3 and then stimulated and tested mobilisation of interested parties and end users.