Case studies

Here you can read about some of the activities and the results of the THING Project.

These case studies provide practical examples to help explain in more detail the findings of each element of the Service Model and disseminate and share examples of education practice which could be adopted by other projects.

Delivering the Project: Project Management and Methodology

Getting the job done


Site management Thingvellir National Park

Dingwall: Archaeological survey

Development of Gulatinget visitor centre

Sharing Knowledge: Creating and Managing a Knowledge Base

Dingwall dissemination

Dingwall dissemination

Dingwall detectives

Shetland/Orkney lecture series

Orkney conference - Women's things

Orkney Women's things

Spreading the Message: Promoting and Marketing Sustainable Services

Thing Sites GeoTour

Interactive tourism

Reaching out: Creating a common website

Telling the thing story: Producing a common leaflet and book




Engaging Communities: Energising and Involving Local and Global Networks

Deerness Place Name Project

Deerness Places & Names Project

Engaging the global community

Thing sites on Facebook

Exhibition in Munkastova, Torshavn

Thing day at Dingieshowe

Thing day at Dingieshowe

The Aert-fast play at Tingwall

 Aert-fast, Tingwall, Shetland © THING Sites/Frank Bradford - saman med Lynsey Rendall og Joyce Davies i Tingwall, United Kingdom.

Come dine with me through time

Dingwall History Society

Dingwall history society