The main challenge in setting up QR code guiding service for thing sites has been the variable availability of mobile network at the sites.  Several partners felt that QR codes were not currently a viable option at their sites due to poor mobile coverage.  Their remote nature also meant it was not possible to set up wifi access. Without this, if network coverage could be found it was of poor quality and slow (2G) and would have meant long loading times and a unsatisfactory user experience.

Another challenge was to provide content which would be engaging, but without making download sizes too large. For this reason it was decided not to link to any images or video, but stick to plain text, with the option of selecting a link to images and media content. This means that users will not be inadvertently directed to large downloads, and be subject to high data charges (particularly those who are using roaming services), but still have the option to select this material if they felt they wanted to know more.