Delivering the Project: Project Management and Methodology

Project Management

The Project was managed by a Steering Committee which met twice a year and a Management Team which met monthly, supported by Project Co-ordinators appointed by the Lead Partner.

Project activities were split up into a number of work packages and tasks managed by 4 work package leaders.  Some work packages were split into small groups of appropriate individuals who considered particular topics e.g. site management.


One of the biggest challenges of the Project was how to work together efficiently – partners in 5 different countries with different languages, backgrounds and available time to devote to the Project.

We first had to get to know each other, but ended up with not only good working relationships, but friendships and connections which could lead to future co-operations between authorities and countries in the future.

To communicate we employed a range of techniques – email, telephone, face-to-face meetings, conference calls, skype, google hangout and an online project management system – Basecamp.

Throughout the Project we faced, but overcame a number of challenges – access to appropriate technology, budget changes and staffing changes - but the high level of commitment of participants was demonstrated when some partner contacts continued activity after moving on to new employers or retiring.

Case studies: