Developing the Mobile Website

In order to host the QR code guiding service a mobile optimised version of was also created. The brief was to develop a mobile friendly website that would:

  • Host information about the various POI (Points of Interest) at partner sites
  • Be in a format compatible to all mobile operating systems
  • Not require high amounts of data download at entry points, and avoid causing high data charges to those using them

The mobile version of the site is also optimised for use with other Web 2.0 services. Users can ‘share’ the content directly from the QR code landing page to Facebook, or can use the mobile page to navigate the main webpage where a number of other interactive Web 2.0 features are available.

To date the mobile site and QR guiding service has been extremely successful. Google analytics for August-September 2012 demonstrate that m/thingvellir/althing and m/thingvellir/foundation_of_the_althing have obtained 73 and 50 hits respectively, and are amongst the top 10 most visited pages on  The mobile homepage has also been popular, and entrance rates show that users are navigating between pages once they have arrived on the mobile site, demonstrating that they are successfully navigating through the layers of information available.