Developing the Service Model &

All project results and documents are combined together into a service model outlining the processes utilised by the project to deliver services and products. This model acts as a reference point for anyone with an interest in thing sites who wishes to research them further, anyone planning to undertake a heritage related project such as the THING Project, and anyone who wishes to explore the use of Web 2.0 tools to deliver their project and disseminate results.

The service model is to be hosted on  All content previously  held on the site was archived or incorporated into the model.  Texts will be tagged and broken into sections to allow users to easily browse and select the material relevant to their needs.  Tools tested during the lifetime of the project were also added to the site to allow user feedback and interaction.

These include

  • Use of the DISQUS widget ( to allow discussion and commenting using existing accounts, and to facilitate sharing via social media
  • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media feeds – to facilate easy sharing of relevant materials
  • Use of opensource Drupal CMS system with associated commenting and discussion plugins (see ‘Getting the Job Done’ case study for details of  previous applications of this).