Difficulties to be overcome by the Dissemination Strategy

5.1 Low profile and knowledge of some Thing sites as opposed to others.

5.2 Different Thing places have been developed to different levels e.g. Thingvellir v. Dingwal.l

5.3 Variability of current material available about thing sites.

5.4 Competition from other thing knowledge or product sources dispersing interest unproductively.  (It is instead vital to harness such sites creating viable and active linkages).

5.5 General economic climate and circumstances and cost-effectiveness considerations.

5.6 English is the chosen language of the THING Project but not the mother-tongue of many of its participants or stakeholders.

5.7 Who will take responsibility for different aspects of Dissemination Strategy?

5.8 Sustainability of the web presence developed for the Project, and of printed material.