Dissemination strategy

1.1 What is a Dissemination Strategy? At its simplest it is a plan for spreading information and, in the context of the THING Project, is the creation of a structured plan to spread to as wide an external audience as possible both information about the thing sites of the Project’s partners and information about the actual Project itself.

1.2 This Dissemination Strategy aims to:

  • Identify and organise the activities required to underpin the widest transfer of knowledge about the Project, and
  • Identify and organise the activities required to promote knowledge and enhance the commercial outcomes of the promotion of the actual sites.

1.3 The Strategy focuses on these two core area and will address:

  • The expansion of understanding of the activities and outcomes of involvement in the actual Project itself, and
  • The marketing and promotion of the sites themselves.

1.4 This strategy must be read in conjunction with the THING Project’s Communication Plan which is the Project’s strategy for its internal and external communication. See Communication plan

1.5 The Strategy must:

  • facilitate the exchange of knowledge and specify clearly and straightforwardly how the Project will ‘talk’ to its external audience;
  • consider who that audience/stakeholders actually are;
  • develop robust mechanisms for disseminating information;
  • consider the difficulties inherent in a project with diverse partner backgrounds; and
  • test how well information and knowledge has been received, and targeted.

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