The workbook is the underpinning element in the Dingwall Detectives elective and start pupils on their journey by detailing the Norse Heritage of the town.

Close links have been forged between Dingwall History Society, the THING Project, Officers of the Highland Council and the school.

Engagement has ranged from facilitating visits from the S1 and S2 pupils at the council offices to show local government in action to visiting the thing site at the Cromartie Car Park in Dingwall to illustrate early democracy.   

Pupils were recently invited to attend the THING Project Dissemination Event the purpose of which was to disseminate to the local and wider public the background to and the outcomes of the THING Project in relevance to the participation in the Project of The Highland Council (Dingwall and Seaforth Ward) as a Partner.

Post project, publications produced by the THING Project will be used to further inform the content of the Dingwall Detectives elective and to keep the awareness of the Norse heritage of the town relevant.