Main events

Timetable information work 36 months:

During the first six months of the project, the project website will be published, include a logo and a graphical layout for the project and information material: general brochure, flyers, PowerPoint presentation, project case study on an NPP template, media kit, will be created in line with the NPP requirements.

A promotional plan will be developed with key events to be highlighted.

The project website will be updated regularly. All information will be available on-line, and the content will be updated by each partner according to their needs.

The project website will be presented in the English-language. The regional Web2.0 sites will be in the national languages and in English.

Face-to-face meetings: 

  • Kick off meeting in Iceland fall 2009
  • Meeting 2 in Shetland & Orkneys spring 2010
  • Meeting 3 in Faroe Islands fall 2010 
  • Meeting 4 in Norway spring 2011 (mid-term evaluation workshop)
  • Meeting 5 in Scotland Highlands Fall 2011
  • Final Conference Sogn og Fjordane Spring 2012

36 month Time & Work schedule: