The THING Project will be actively marketed to be presented in seminars, conferences and events in each participating region, and also beyond. The regional politicians and policy makers will be informed regularly on the issues related to the THINGS Project and development of sustainable site management and sustainable tourism. They will also be invited to THING events whenever possible.

  • The THING Project will have a web-site informing about the project.
  • Project web-site is to be updated continuously with the Project information and with information that project partners and target groups can take benefit of.
  • The site shall publish invitations to seminars and workshops.
  • Project results, seminars and workshops are published in media.
  • Press releases are provided for newspapers, radio stations and TV channels.
  • All project meetings and seminars will be communicated to the wider audience and media representatives will be invited whenever it is seen appropriate.

Web Portal: The THING web portal is a public website that can be accessed by anyone internally and externally to the project. This site provides information for partners and staff involved in the project.

Tools and media:

  • periodic print publications; flyers, leaflets;
  • online communications;
  • meeting and conference materials;
  • media relations and public relations materials;
  • marketing;
  • legal and legislative documents;
  • incoming communications;
  • committee and MT communiqués; press releases;
  • identity materials, including letterhead, logo, graphic profile/colour scheme;
  • media kit;
  • NPP presentations;
  • surveys;
  • reports.