The project has provided an exciting opportunity for school pupils to learn about archaeological investigation right in the centre of Dingwall.

Pupils reported on their experience as part of their curricular work. 

On Wednesday 12th September two classes were lucky enough to be taken to the Viking excavation site in Cromarty car park. We were in one of those classes.  It was an exciting time for us all to learn about Dingwall’s past and to see a real excavation site.  We learnt about Victorian pottery, decomposition of different items and how an excavation is carried out.  We actually got to hold a few items they’d found. They believed they had found a moat and were hoping people had thrown out a lot of items in there. On Thursday Rachel and I had the chance to go to a conference about the Vikings and the excavation.  We had written a speech and would have to read it out.  When we got there, there were a lot of people listening to a man talking about how Dingwall might or might not have been a Viking village.  After this Mrs Cormack went up and talked.  Just after she finished we had to go up and do our speech. It was a little frightening talking in front of so many people but it was worth it in the end. Rachel and I learnt a lot from our two days and really enjoyed them.

Rachel and Beth Olivant  

The project has also been the catalyst for further archaeological interest linked to the school and to educational provision.