In 2012 the Thingvellir Commision started work on further detail planning of the area around the Visitor Centre at Hakid to strengthen the infrastructure and meet the needs of increased tourism at the site. The planning process is underway and the first conceptual plans and cost estimate have been presented. The plan assumes a phased approach.

Phase I. Year 1

  • Detail planning
  • New exhibit for visitor centre
  • New service/staff building
  • Linking of walkway bridge with current walking platform around the
  • viewpoint Hakid
  • Visitor centre – finish landscape design
  • Interpretive panels/cairns
  • Redesigned and added parking space within the current parking

Phase II. Year 2 and 3.

  • Detail planning
  • Added trails e.g. a new viewing platform
  • Parking – enlargement and redesigned traffic flow

III. Year 4-5

  • Added trails
  • Improved entry 
  • Final improvements to parking
  • Added restroom facilities
  • Visitor Centre enlarged

The phases and construction are subject to budget and funding.