1. ’Truths and Tall Tales of an Orkney Thing Site’’

The Dingieshowe evening allowed Dr Gibbon in particular to talk to residents of the area around Dingieshowe about traditions and stories associated with the site, and to raise the profile of the site with local people, particularly emphasising its status as a scheduled monument. It further brought the THING Project to the attention of the local community, flagging up the international dimension and the historical importance of a local mound,  which we all drive daily past daily, without giving it the attention it is due. It also emphasised the meaning and significance of old, Norse originating, local names which, once they are understood and their origins unpicked, tell us much of our history and land-use.

  1. The Deerness Places & Names Project

The Deerness Places & Names Project evening was a shot in the arm for our local project, letting us see how the Shetland Place Names Project is organised and recorded, and emphasising the unity of Norse origin names across the North Atlantic – we share many names, including thing names, with our trans North Atlantic cousins and the evening let us see the importance of our small, local project in the greater study of the Norse diaspora.