Ground Penetrating Radar

A timeslice area survey was undertaken across the car park interior and individual profiles were taken at several trajectories over the site and adjacent Church Street. Key findings included the identification of a possible ditch surrounding the mound; indications of a route-way connecting the church and mound; and considerable disturbance from post-medieval buildings particularly on the south side of the car park. A possible ditch approximately 5m wide and 2m deep was identified on the north, west and south side of the mound's historic footprint. Truncation of the site from modern services, a road way and post-medieval buildings had apparently damaged earlier deposits on the south and south-west side of the mound. Anomalies probably relating to Victorian trenching at the mound in 1875 were also noted around the centre and south side of the site. Foundations of an enclosure wall demolished c.1950 were also traced.

Outreach and dissemination

The project was developed by the Dingwall History Society in consultation with the THING Project.  A public talk was delivered about the Dingwall Thing Project at the THING Project Partner Meeting on 28th September at Tulloch Castle, Dingwall, by David MacDonald the Project Director and Chair Dingwall History Society and Dr Oliver JT O'Grady of OJT Surveys. Further public talks were also presented to the Dingwall History Society and to the Dingwall Conservation Area Regeneration meetings. Public volunteers assisted throughout the fieldwork and local press coverage helped to promote the project aims and discoveries.