Site Management Guidelines

Project partner meetings, incorporating working visits to local thing sites, resulted in discussions and presentations of shared visions and experiences. Site management necessarily comprises recommendations for a sustainable approach, creating guidelines and establishing strategies based on investigation of challenges met by thing sites.

All partners contributed to producing the THING Project Site Management Guidelines, which will be regularly reviewed by each partner region to ensure the enduring sustainability and value of the sites. Key on-going site management issues to be assessed include:

  • physical development in terms of landscape setting and interpretive media at the sites;
  • legal and physical protection of sites;
  • aspects requiring protection and care;
  • guiding principles for management and conservation;
  • the integration of trails and links in the local services.

The aspirations and general recommendations within the Site Management Guidelines provide a benchmark for good practice.  These are completely transferrable to other thing sites in Europe which have not been part of the THING Project 2009-2012.