Site Management: Understanding and Maintaining your Thing Site

One of the THING Project’s specified activities was to identify and document judicious site management guidelines, including conservation and care, visitor management for the long term benefit of the site, business opportunities and sustainable heritage tourism through increased collaboration between national tourism gateways and the local thing sites.  Although each site is unique, they share many of the same concerns and challenges, and valuable insights can be gained through exchanging knowledge and site management strategies.

The Project compiled guidelines for managing each of the partner sites, with some common recommendations and also guidelines for undertaking archaeological assessments in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  These could be used as a model for other projects and other regions.

Photos: 1) THING Project archaeological excavation at Cromartie Memorial Car Park, Dingwall, Scotland; 2) Dingieshowe, Orkney , Scotland; 3) Tynwald Hill, Isle of Man. ©THING Project/Frank Bradford

Case studies: