Steering committee

The Steering Committee consists of representatives of each Partner. Each representative shall be fully authorised to act on behalf of his/hers organisation in all matters relating to the operational issues. Each Partner-representative of the Steering Committee should have one vote. Also the Project Co-ordinator, shall be included in the Steering Committee in a non-voting capacity.

The Partners have the right to have a replacement attending the meeting. The International Chairman of the Steering Committee shall be a representative of the Lead Partner organisation, and shall be appointed on the first Steering Committee meeting. The national representatives of the country where the meeting is held shall organise the meetings of the Steering Committee.

Members of the Steering Committee:

Sogn og Fjordane County Council, Norway Lead partner

Ingebjørg Erikstad, Chairman

Gulen Municipality , Norway Partner 2

Anne Karin Misje

Thingvellir National Park, Iceland Partner 3

Einar A.E. Sæmundsen

Shetland Amenity Trust, Scotland Partner 4

Jimmy Moncrieff

Orkney College, Scotland Partner 5

Bill Ross

The Highland Council, Scotland Partner 6 

Liz Cowie

Kunningarstovan, Faroe Islands Partner 7

Ingigerd á Trødni

Manx National Heritage, Isle of Man Associated partner

Andrew D Foxon

Project Coordinator

Siri Ingvaldsen

Project Coordinator

Arild Bergström



  1. Steering Committee Meeting 15th of April 2010, Minutes
  2. Steering Committee Meeting 07th of October 2010, Minute
  3. Steering Committee Meeting 07th. of April 2011, Minutes
  4. Steering Committe Meeting 30th of September 2011, minutes
  5. Steering Committe Meeting 30th of March 2012, Minutes
  6. Steering Committee Meeting 25th of May 2012, Minutes
  7. Steering Committee Meeting June 14th 2012, Minutes
  8. Project Partner Meeting Iceland - minutes 05.09.09


Photo: Ingebjørd Erikstad, director of the department of culture in Sogn og Fjordane County Council. ©THING Project