Step 6: Put up your signs

The size of the QR-signs depend on the distance to the users phone. 5 cm (width and height) is ideal up to 35 cm. Increase your size up to 9 cm for distances up to 1 meter.

Make signs thats blends with your local environment. Here are some examples of materials:

Laser colored stainless steel

  • Very robust (more than 6 years)
  • Looks quite stylish
  • Expensive compared to other materials
  • Does not conform to the QR standard (black code on white background
  • Reduced performance with iOS phones

Plastic folio covered with plexi glas

  • The folio is glued behind a piece of plexiglas
  • Durable: Guaranteed for 6 years, and possibly longer
  • Is (and looks) cheaper than stainless steel
  • The glas gets grey after a couple of years, which may cause problems with reflections in direct sunlight

Plastic folio covered with polycarbonate

  • Polycarbonate is stronger and more durable than plexiglas
  • The surface is not as smooth as plexiglas, which may cause reflections

Plastic folio

  • Cheap
  • Not very robust, but acceptable (up to three years)
  • Ideal for gluing on to existing signs