Structure of the Day

In total 34 pupils from St Andrews Primary and 10 pupils for Evie Primary participated. A local hall was booked as a back-up location in case of poor weather.

1100: Pupils arrived, in Viking costume and with Viking names, on site by bus and discovered amongst the links and dunes surrounding the Dingisehowe Thing site an open fronted tent, couple of tables and a long hearth.

Pupils experienced various crafts, skills and games such as corn grinding, spinning, battle training, rope making, horn blowing. This aspect was led by experienced living historian Tony Sherratt, Timezone, who set the scene and took the children back in time, discussing many aspects of Viking life including childhood and what might be expected of children.

1230: Lunch was eaten around the hearth with the wood fire burning. Pupils brought their own packed lunches, supplemented with Viking foods of bere and oat bannocks, cheese and honey. Here the pupils listened to Sif Johannesdottir, Director Husavik Museum, Iceland, telling the story of Icelandic conversion to Christianity. This was followed by rune telling for the group and for individual pupils.

1315:  Thing gathering on Dingieshowe with a female (permitted by her husband) lawman leading the pupils in sorting out punishment for a crime, electing a jury and the jury making their decision. The assembled attendees of the Thing also dealt with a community difficulty over a lack of land. The solution was to emigrate to Shetland!

1400: The pupils returned to the encampment to look at archaeological animal bone collection and discussion of what bones tell us archaeologically. This activity was led by Ingrid Mainland of the Archaeology Department, University of Highlands & Islands; Orkney College. Lynda Aiano from Orkney Museums then led the pupils in a session looking at Viking artefacts and what they tell us about the past.

1430: Farewells