Tourism and Marketing Strategy

The THING Project Tourism and Marketing Strategy developed a range of techniques to:

  • Improve knowledge of thing sites by joint marketing and information initiatives.
  • Increase knowledge and pride amongst local, regional and national communities 
  • Develop tourism communications for each thing site. 
  • Learn from partners' experiences.
  • Identify collaboration partners to use for future activities.
  • Work with relevant carriers and operators to develop themed tours in connection with thing sites.


  • Developed a common brand, leaflet, website and innovative Web 2.0 Services to disseminate information and market sites and to raise awareness of shared history and identity.
  • Produced a range of good quality interpretive material and activities (aimed at a range of target groups, including the local population, school groups, colleges and universities and tourists.
  • Organised sustainable local and international events that motivate and involve the local population.
  • Exchanged knowledge and experience between partners and tourism experts.
  • Worked with regional tourist organisations to market thing sites.
  • Developed an innovative sustainable themed GeoTour and made contact with relevant operators to explore linking thing sites into future historic themed tours.

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