A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a 2D barcode that allows for greater storage of data than the traditional 1D barcode.  While a traditional barcode can store up to 30 numbers, a QR code can store up to 7,089. This amount of data allows the codes to be used to link to websites and social media, such as Facebook, Youtube or Twitter.

QR codes are accessed by scanning them with a QR reader application. These now come pre-installed on many smartphones, and a variety can be downloaded for free on Android, Blackberry, Windows and IOS platforms.

In order for QR codes to be effectively utilised it was also necessary to develop a mobile friendly version of www.thingsites.com. This platform needed to be assessable to any mobile operating system (for example should not contain flash, due to its incompatibility with iPhones), and needed to consider download sizes and data charges for mobile users.