8 March 2012 was International Women’s Day and the THING Project in Orkney chose to mark this important day with a seminar entitled ‘’Women’s Things’’, held in The Pier Arts Centre in Stromness, a wonderful space displaying wonderful internationally renowned art. The choice of venue was an unusual one for Orkney and added to the interest in the event, and a dramatic poster, depicting the hanging of witches in Jacobean Britain, further added to the buzz about the event, augmented by the chance to see the internationally acclaimed documentary, the Witches of Gambaga, in the evening, introduced by the filmmaker, Yaba Badoe.

Photo: "Womens Things...Justice and Gender under the Microscope" 1st seminar of Orkney's Viking & Medieval archaeology forum which helped to celebrate international womens day featuring Archaeologists Historians Folklorists and staff from Womens refuge and a Ghanian film maker Yaba Badoe. © Frank Bradford/www.frankbradfordpix.com