Who are the Project stakeholders

3.1 Each THING Project partner has a diverse skills and interest base in its potential local audience and will identify in its own communities who it is who has a crucial stake in the Project’s activities. 

3.2 In addition to each partner-area’s indigenous cultural stakeholders, the Project has identified generic groups across its geographical spread who will be THING Project stakeholders, being:

  • regional tourism development organisations;
  • heritage consultants;
  • knowledge creators and holders e.g. academic groups/ community elders;
  • individuals with an interest in the past of the North Atlantic;
  • individuals and groups with an interest in the story of democratic activity, with the things being the earliest manifestations of seats of democracy and law, and e.g. historical societies etc;
  • communities with thing sites in their landscapes (European Landscape Convention refers);
  • Landowners (private);
  • Landowners (public institutions);
  • Public bodies (Cultural and built heritage and natural heritage/landscape).