QR codes allow us to create a ‘live guiding’ service on site for users.  It enables the user to access up to date information about the sites they are visiting, either instead of, or to augment existing on site interpretation.

QR code guiding services means the user can explore the site at their own speed, without the need to take part in a guided tour. They can access different levels of information, in their own language (provided the content has been generated) at any time they wish.  Users can access information on their own device, which also allows the integration of text to speech software for the visually impaired.

Unlike fixed on site interpretation QR codes can be updated regularly without the additional cost of reprinting materials or creating new displays. They are relatively small and unobtrusive, meaning they will not disrupt or detract from the landscape or site itself, and can also be easily set up at sites which are too sensitive for larger traditional interpretive panels.

QR codes can also allow users to connect with a wider community, sharing their experiences through social media sites such as Facebook, assisting in building online community and engaging users in experiencing and interpreting the sites.