Step 3:Translate your content

  • Your landing pages should detect the language settings on the end users phone and returns content in that language. If a language is not provided (by you), you should provide a default fallback language (e.g.English)
  • You can add as many translations as you like for any given POI, but default language must be provided for all your POIs
  • Make sure all translations of the same POI share the same URL - only one QR code should be needed for each POI
  • You can add new translations at any time

Step 2: Create content

  • Organize your content: A good text should have a heading, teaser, and a body with subheadings, just like an ordinary Internet text. Don't forget to provide useful links at the bottom
  • Text first: Multimedia is nice (e.g. video, sound), but think about it as additional information linked from your text
  • Refer to what people can see: You know exactly where your user is standing. Use it! ("You are now standing in front of...to the right you can see a...")


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