Strategy 5

Work with relevant carriers and tour operators to develop sustainable historically themed tours in connection with the Thing sites.

  1. Identify and establish contact with relevant and potential collaboration partners in the field of transport and with tour operators.
  1. If appropriate attend workshops and marketing events for tour operators.
  1. Offer the opportunity for tour operators to link to the website.

Strategy 4

Identify relevant local / regional collaboration partners with the potential to be used for future activities.

  1. Each partner should seek to work with regional tourist organisations to market their Thing sites and maximise the use of the common website.
  1. Use travel companies with connections to the individual thing sites to help describe and quality assure content and information in connection with local / regional collaboration partners.

Review of existing material and research: Things and Assemblies

In order to create an agenda for future research, we must know what research has already been undertaken, and, vitally, what all materials exist which may be or have been subjected to research.  It is therefore axiomatic that a major review be made which collects and collates existing documentary material including maps, paintings and drawings, place names material, ethnographic material and archaeological material including finds, relating to all thing sites.

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