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Lessons learned

The Thing day was a great success and we hope to do more work with the schools who participated and to hold similar days with other Orkney schools. All is dependent on securing future funding.

If you wish to hold a similar event this is some of what we’d advise

Structure of the Day

In total 34 pupils from St Andrews Primary and 10 pupils for Evie Primary participated. A local hall was booked as a back-up location in case of poor weather.

1100: Pupils arrived, in Viking costume and with Viking names, on site by bus and discovered amongst the links and dunes surrounding the Dingisehowe Thing site an open fronted tent, couple of tables and a long hearth.

Thing Day at Dingieshowe

A “Thing Day” was held at Dingieshowe, Orkney on 31st May 2012, amongst the links and dunes surrounding the Thing site there, and on the site itself for the Thing re-enactment. It involved pupils aged 7 to 10 years old from St Andrews Primary School and Evie Primary School,  which both have different Thing sites within their local areas. The day was organised by the Archaeology Department, Orkney College; University of the Highlands & Islands and Orkney Islands Council.

Case studies

Here you can read about some of the activities and the results of the THING Project.

These case studies provide practical examples to help explain in more detail the findings of each element of the Service Model and disseminate and share examples of education practice which could be adopted by other projects.

Delivering the Project: Project Management and Methodology


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