project management

Developing the Service Model &

All project results and documents are combined together into a service model outlining the processes utilised by the project to deliver services and products. This model acts as a reference point for anyone with an interest in thing sites who wishes to research them further, anyone planning to undertake a heritage related project such as the THING Project, and anyone who wishes to explore the use of Web 2.0 tools to deliver their project and disseminate results.


The overall objective of the THING Project was ‘to exchange knowledge, specify, develop and test new and improved services for sustainable managements and business development at the Northern European Thing sites.’

This objective was to be achieved by the implementation of key activities, delivered and organised through four work packages (WP).

Steering committee

The Steering Committee consists of representatives of each Partner. Each representative shall be fully authorised to act on behalf of his/hers organisation in all matters relating to the operational issues. Each Partner-representative of the Steering Committee should have one vote.

Management team

Work Package-leaders and the project coordinators, form the Management Team (MT). The MT is responsible for the technical coordination, day-to-day activities, and the operational progress monitoring of the project.


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