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Come Dine with Me through Time Film Project, Dingwall

The ‘Come Dine with Me through Time’ Project involved young people looking at living and eating through Scottish history, and following the format of the popular TV show, ‘contestants’ from three distinctive time periods were invited to travel through time and share a mealtime experience with their historical counterparts.  Each character (or contestant) sourced and prepared a meal for the other two characters and then the three sat down together and shared the meal time experience, afterwards commenting on and grading each experience.

Thing Day at Dingieshowe

A “Thing Day” was held at Dingieshowe, Orkney on 31st May 2012, amongst the links and dunes surrounding the Thing site there, and on the site itself for the Thing re-enactment. It involved pupils aged 7 to 10 years old from St Andrews Primary School and Evie Primary School,  which both have different Thing sites within their local areas. The day was organised by the Archaeology Department, Orkney College; University of the Highlands & Islands and Orkney Islands Council.

Dissemination strategy

1.1 What is a Dissemination Strategy? At its simplest it is a plan for spreading information and, in the context of the THING Project, is the creation of a structured plan to spread to as wide an external audience as possible both information about the thing sites of the Project’s partners and information about the actual Project itself.

1.2 This Dissemination Strategy aims to:


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