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Telling the thing story – producing a common leaflet and book

To share knowledge, publicise and promote thing sites, the THING Project decided that as well as the website www.thingsites.com, it was important to have printed outputs aimed at the tourist and academic markets.  We agreed to produce a common leaflet and book.

The map-based leaflet would act as a tool to introduce the subject of things and include a brief introduction to each of the main partner sites.

Exhibition in Munkastova, Tórshavn

When telling people about the THING Project, most have been very interested in hearing about the project, but, surprisingly many have answered “do we have a thing site?”

To help increase knowledge, it was therefore decided in 2012 to put up an exhibition in Munkastova, the oldest house in Tórshavn on Mentunarnátt (cultural night) and Ólavsøka (St. Olaf's Wake, the National holiday and the opening of the Løgting).


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