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The most significant challenge faced when working with Web 2.0 resources and social media is the amount of staff time required for maintaining it if it is to be successful.  The THING Project found this was particularly significant on two counts:


There is a bewildering array of web-based platforms available to anyone who wishes to use them.  The THING Project identified a small number of the most popular platforms as suitable for spreading the thing story and engaging communities.

The platforms selected were:

Research Themes

Having drawn together the known research and supporting material, the next stage in the creation of a Research Agenda is the identification of the themes for future research. For the THING Project, five broad themes emerge being: Archaeological and Landscape/Topographical research; Mapping and Place-names research; Historical, Saga and Other Written Sources research; Executive and Judicial Lawmaking research; and, finally, research into the Ethnographic Sources.

Web 2.0 Services Report

“The THING Project will combine the results and new knowledge (generated as a result of activities in WP3) into an ITC based service to support the protection, management and interpretation of the thing sites, and to stimulate mobilisation and networking between the interested end users, regional and international knowledge providers including the regional authorities and universities”.


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