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Dissemination strategy

1.1 What is a Dissemination Strategy? At its simplest it is a plan for spreading information and, in the context of the THING Project, is the creation of a structured plan to spread to as wide an external audience as possible both information about the thing sites of the Project’s partners and information about the actual Project itself.

1.2 This Dissemination Strategy aims to:

How do I proceed?

To set up a QR-guide is in fact dead simple. The trickiest part is to create and adapt the content (content is still king). Here is a list of processes you have to walk through:

  1. Pick/identify your Points Of Interest (POI)
  2. Create content (text) for each POI
  3. Translate your content
  4. Publish your content
  5. Generate a QR-code
  6. Put up your signs

What's in it for us?

  • We can provide a guiding service for pop-in users at any given time - in their own language
  • We can provide information about your POIs* beyond your regular signs
  • We can change/keep your information up to date without replacing signs
  • We can add new translations at any time
  • We can promote our community services at thingsites.com
  • We are increasing value for your visitors by adding new services
  • Presumably we are adding area awareness

Guidelines for QR-services

Our thing sites are loaded with history. To mediate this knowledge to visitors, we can put up signs and provide "real-life" guiding to the public. A QR-guide does not replace these methods, but can add extra value to certain user groups. Done the right way, it is also a way to connect with visitors (community building), and lead them to explore and learn more.


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